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"Into the Forest I go, to lose my mind and find my Soul.”

- John Muir "

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The I of the STORM
An ImmersivAll Inclusive Retreat July 22-26
5 days 4 nights in Magical Taos, New Mexico

Embark on a transformative 4-night, 5-day retreat amidst the serene beauty and enchantment of Taos, New Mexico, at the foothills of the Carson National Forest. "I of the Storm" is a journey of self-empowerment, transformation, and resilience. Through shamanic arts, energy medicine practices, and embracing the divine feminine, this immersive experience fosters embodiment of your power and the magic within. Release outdated narratives, reclaim your radiance, and apply your unique expression to amplify joy, bliss, and connection. Join us to discover your authentic self, cultivate meaningful relationships, and co-create a future filled with purpose and inspiration.

​Arrive Monday July 22:
  • Opening Ceremony.

  • Feast Celebrating the Divine Feminine.

Depart Friday July 26:
  • Sunrise Ceremony welcoming the New Galactic Year of the Blue Rhythmic Storm, nourishing breakfast and Closing Ceremony.


This in an All Inclusive Retreat. Price differences are based on the size of room you choose. 

Galactic High Holy Days

Our transformative retreat is during the 'Galactic High Holy Days', starting July 22nd with Mary Magdalene's Feast Day. Celebrate the global Day Out of Time on July 25th by honoring indigenous traditions on the Feast Day of Santiago at the Taos Pueblo. Align with the beginning of the Blue Storm Year and stay grounded amidst cosmic shifts and experience the opening  of the transformative Lion's Gate. Join us for a profound journey of self-discovery.

Taos, New Mexico​

Nestled in the high desert of northern New Mexico, Taos offers spiritual seekers an idyllic haven with its clean air, powerful energy, and an enchanting home for creative expression.

Private Retreat Center

The Retreat Center, located just minutes from historic Taos, is an exclusive lodge surrounded by stunning mountain views and the vibrant desert landscape only minutes from Carson National Forest.

I of the STORM

I - I AM embarking on an embodied journey of Self, exploring the eternal and interconnected aspect within, focused on initiation, intention, individuality, and interdependence.

S - Self-empowerment through direct encounters with the sacred in everyday life, facilitated by cross-cultural shamanic ceremonial arts that connect with the universal essence that weaves throughout all.

T - Transform from the inside out through energy medicine practices, including chakra balancing, mindful movement, intuitive journaling, and artful expression, creating space for your authentic self to shine.

O - Openness to the impermanence of life’s journey, embracing your power and sovereignty, surrendering to the divine feminine way of being, trusting and letting go to welcome new possibilities.

R - Reclaim your radiance and bolster resilience by releasing outdated narratives, remembering yourself as a powerful being, and reconnecting to co-create an inspired life.

M - Magnetize your magic and magnificence by deepening your connection with your true self, discovering your unique gifts, and cultivating practical ways to amplify joy, bliss, meaning, and connection.

Ceremonies & Teachings

A comprehensive schedule and 5-day agenda will be provided to all attendees, but here's a glimpse of some of the planned events and activities:

  • Ancient teachings of the I AM presence

  • Honoring the Tree Spirits in Carson National Forest

  • Excursion to the Taos Pueblo for a ceremonial dance 

  • Building personalized Medicine Bundles

  • Creating and partaking in a Sacred Peruvian Despacho Ceremony

  • Powerful and Purifying Fire Ceremony

  • Cacao Heart Opening ritual

  • Guided Meditations and Drum Journeys

  • Mindful Movement experiences

  • Introduction: Mayan 13 Moon Cosmology 

  • Honoring the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine teachers

  • Sunrise Celebration of the Galactic New Year


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The Retreat Center

Situated at the foothills of the Carson National Forest, spanning 1.5 million acres of land, this one-of-a-kind Gathering Space is purposefully designed for mindful retreats. 

To ensure a private and comfortable retreat experience our goal is to book the lodge exclusively for the I of the Storm Retreat.


Participants will enjoy the entire grounds, including interior common areas, the sacred gathering room and two acres of peaceful land. Retreat attendees can immerse themselves in the meditative peace path, take a refreshing swim in the pool, navigate the labyrinth, unwind in the sauna, gather around the fire pit, and explore the tranquil surroundings.

Our chef will provide a wide range of clean, nutritious and satisfying dishes made with traditional techniques, modern knowledge and international flavors. All sauces, spice mixtures and ferments are made from scratch. She creates artisan goods from organic, locally-sourced, wild-crafted ingredients. Wholesome gluten-free vegetarian meals, prepared with love and care, await from our Private Chef in the onsite commercial kitchen. The retreat lodge is a sanctuary where peace and quiet are embraced, providing the perfect backdrop for a transformative and enriching experience.

If You; 
  • Seek a welcoming space to 'unplug' and reconnect with yourself and nature

  • Wish to tap into your intuitive gifts and inner wisdom

  • Yearn to experience greater harmony within yourself and your life

  • Are looking for practical tools to cultivate inner peace

  • Are concerned about the state of the world

  • Want to learn tools to navigate shifts and changes

  • Desire a loving and supportive community in a safe space to explore, heal, learn, and grow

Then this Retreat is Right For You.
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Still have questions?
Find out if this retreat aligns with you? 

Heather Elizabeth
White Planetary Wizard Kin 114

Heather Elizabeth is a Planetary Healer, Peace Ambassador, SACRED Activist, Mystic, and consultant for  CONSCIOUS EVOLution. She is the CREATRIX of the SHINE 13 Moon Council and the IMAGINE PEACE  Promise Alliance.


Heather Elizabeth INSPIRES humanKIND to EMBODY their innate LIGHT to BE THE PEACE  they wish to see in the world. She is a companion and guide for crossing the EVOLutionary threshold. 

By listening to the prompting of her Soul, Heather Elizabeth founded SHINE (Supporting Humanity In Navigating EVOLution) in 2015. Through the facilitation of interSPIRITual WISDOM practices that promote UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, SHINE serves as a SACRED container for the alchemical process of the personal and planetary TRANSFORMATION at hand.

The SHINE journey is designed to provide practical  tools through individual healing sessions, mentorship programs, and INTENTIONAL commUNITY BUILDING to  discover one’s innate truth through cultivating meaning and connection-activating one's capacity to live  an authentic and joyful life in service to all sentient beings.


Paige Ryan
Blue Electric Eagle Kin 55

With over 20 years dedicated to holistic wellness, Paige is more than just a healer – she's a guide, a mentor, and a catalyst for transformation. By cultivating harmony between the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms, she empowers individuals to discover their sacred wholeness and embark on a journey of profound healing.

Paige's unique approach draws upon ancient practices that transcend time and cultures. Tuning into the wisdom of acupuncture meridians, the energetic body, and chakra systems, she helps clients unlock their innate healing potential. This journey of discovery resonates deeply with her clients, who affectionately call her their "healer," "medicine woman," and even "our alternative doctor.”

Paige's passion for fostering wellbeing shines through in everything she does. Her expertise includes bridging the gap between both eastern and western approaches to healing which encompasses herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional guidance, and guidance with personal lifestyle practices. By customizing protocols for each client's unique needs, she empowers them to achieve lasting success on their healing journey.

But Paige's impact extends far beyond the confines of traditional practice. As a passionate ceremonialist, fire walker, yogi, wife, and mother of 2 sons, she leads by example, demonstrating the transformative power of commitment and embodied wisdom. Through her vibrant community ceremonies, she shares the joy of connection, gratitude, and living a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Through powerful ceremonial practices like Pranic Healing and shamanic rituals, she creates sacred spaces for collective awakening and positive intentions. From Peruvian Despacho rituals to various Clearing and Cleansing ceremonies rooted in the teachings of Pachakuti Cross Culture Shamanism, she facilitates profound connections with nature, spirit, and community. Paige is a guiding light for anyone on the path to holistic wellbeing.

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We Look Forward to SEEing YOU

The I of the STORM

Immersive ReTREAT

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