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your body's amazing ability to heal

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. By eating healthy foods, taking nutritional supplements (such as herbs, vitamins/minerals and homeopathic medicines), and regularly exercising we can heal our bodies and improve our overall wellbeing.

However, as human beings, we cannot overlook the emotional and mental pieces that play an extremely important role in the healing process. In Western society we are taught to compartmentalize an aliment or an illness and not look at the body as a WHOLE.

My passion as a practitioner is to help bridge the gap between Eastern and Western forms of medicines since they are BOTH vital in today’s world for full body health and vitality.

the healing template

The Healing Template is a process that helps reset the body through internal cellular communication and detoxification which creates a path to optimum health and wellbeing. Because EVERYTHING is connected, we need to have a beginning, a middle and an end goal.


Through the Neuro-Endocrine System, the Digestive System, the Lymphatic System, and the Primary Organs of Elimination we can begin to open the flow systems of the body and address underlying causes to prepare the WHOLE being for cellular repair and maintenance.


Have you ever really looked at your blood work and wondered if the markers were nutritionally off? Would you know? Have you been diagnosed with an auto-immune or other disease? When an unknown cause of illness occurs would you like to understand the WHY and more importantly HOW to heal from the inside out? This is part of the education and commitment to my clients.


A well-planned and personalized program of healing and wellness is needed to work toward and achieve any health goal. A simple example of this is when someone wants to lose weight but suffers from stress and chronic constipation. This is where a plan to address stress and gut health is required with a focus on the root cause is required to fully address the issues and achieve the ultimate goal.


Another example could be a chronic skin condition that just won’t seem to heal. This plan may include gut health, food elimination, and liver and lung support.

EVERYTHING is connected and it takes time, commitment, investment, patience, and the INTENTION to heal with the right guidance, the right care, and the right Wellness Practitioner.


For nearly 20 years I’ve been using, reviewing, and recommending high quality science based dietary supplements.


It's VITAL for me to only partner with professional grade products that produce the best possible health outcomes for my clients.


Many of these innovative companies are the leaders in Functional Medicine. They use evidence based superior ingredients and formulas with the highest standards in manufacturing practices.


The quality of food you eat is as important as the nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic formulas that you consume.


So, choose wisely.

Here are a few of the Professional brand products that I recommend regularly to my clients:

Apex Energetics 

Designs for Health




Ortho Molecular Products

Premier Research Labs


Pure Encapsulations


do you Self-Diagnose USING Dr. Google?

A customized nutritional protocol means being able to identify the needs of the client and know which products assist in aiding the body in the healing process.

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