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Please be so kind as to write a Google Review for 

Hill Country Intentional Healing

A. Click on the Please Review Us button. This will take you to a Google review popup.

B. Please sign in to your Google or Gmail account, if you have one and were asked to sign in.

                 If you don't have a google account, jump to E.

C. Select however many stars you’d like to rate us … 

D. And write a review of your experience with us. If possible, please go into detail.

E. Don’t have a Google account, or not sure?


Click on “Create Account”. If you’re on your mobile, click on “More options” and then “Create new account”. Follow the steps Google gives for creating an account. Then please publish your review if you haven’t already.



Please let us know if you had any difficulty in posting a review or if you have any other feedback for us.

Thank you!

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