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"The ART of medicine consists of cleansing the patient while nature cures the disease."

- Voltaire 


Honoring your Body’s Wisdom and permission for WELLness 

Paige is an initiate of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Shamanic Arts and is also currently on track for Mastery Level as a Pranic Healer. Her unique training and experience help clients identify not only the root cause of illness but recognize the emotional, mental and spiritual connection when the "body keeps the score." As we do the work necessary to heal ourselves, we also heal past and future generations, and together we heal our planet.

Teachings to Honor your HEALing 

Applied guidance to keeping your energetic body clean

Shamanic practices that support practical tools to maintain optimum wellness and wellbeing 

Energy healing

No hands approach to energy clearing and cleansing 

Body healing higher level counseling 

Homework for the soul that feeds the body 

Holistic Practices 

Energy Based Healing Modalities Such as: 

Intuitive Assessment though Muscle testing (a variety of techniques that western medicine only recognizes as a form of kinesiology)

Intentional Energy clearing Exercises

Chakra balancing 

Self-Work Journaling exercises 

Emotion Code technique 

Soul work through self-exploration

Ceremonial at-home practices 


Personalized Despacho Ceremonies

A Despacho is a prayer bundle or offering that is an expression of love, gratitude, and intention focused on restoring balance or harmony to one’s life. This ceremony is guided by Spirit and connects, honors, and expresses our appreciation for all things in a beautiful and loving way.


The ceremony, where the Despacho is collectively created, is a beautiful Peruvian tradition, where elements from the Earth are chosen and the offering is built together, as a group, with purpose, intent and love. Ultimately, the Despacho offering is returned to Mother Earth, filled with prayer, intentions, and love, along with the vibrations of those participating…a living and breathing request to bring energy shifts and healing in exchange for the continued love and care of Mother Earth. 

Occasions for Despacho Offerings

Births (birthing of something new) 

Honoring our home and the land we steward

Weddings and New Beginnings

Honoring the Ones who have past 

Celebrations of Life

Community Circles 

Personalized Despacho Ceremonies

Schedule a complimentary 15 minute call to discuss your desires around a customized personal or community Despacho offering event, and to get a quote as prices vary.

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