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Despacho Ceremonies

As a Shamanic Practitioner of the Pachakuti tradition, I'm passionate about gathering in community and leading ancient ceremonies. I'm honored to offer Despacho ceremonies to support your personal growth, healing, and celebrations. A Despacho ceremony is a meaningful way to connect with others and the world around us, fostering a sense of community and unity. This traditional Peruvian ritual brings people together to give thanks, honor life's milestones, and cultivate balance, harmony, and peace.


Occasions for a Despacho Ceremony

Despacho ceremonies can be held for various occasions, including:

  • House and land blessings

  • Births, birthdays, and baby showers

  • Weddings and unions

  • Memorials and honorings

  • New beginnings and milestones

  • Healing and restoration

  • Manifesting abundance and prosperity

  • Expressing gratitude and appreciation

What to Expect

In a Despacho ceremony, we'll gather in a safe and supportive space to co-create and share in the experience of honoring your intentions. We'll build a beautiful collective offering, using natural materials like leaves, flowers, spices, shells and personal items to represent our blessings, prayers, wishes and gratitude. This collective bundled offering is then ceremoniously released through fire or burial, symbolizing our connection to the divine source, the natural world, and the universe.

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Schedule a Despacho Ceremony

If you're interested in experiencing the beauty and transformative power of a Despacho ceremony, please contact me to discuss your intentions and preferences. Let's co-create a meaningful and unforgettable ceremony together.

Despacho Offerings

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